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Salford’s like that

Posted by wcmlibrary on August 26, 2009

Took a group of people on a library tour today – some of them were folk who had dropped by on a previous occasion to browse our displays, and had left us their details to be contacted to come back for the full hour-long tour. Others of the party were from Lawrence’s group who are working on our Salford exhibition, and who wanted to know a bit more about the place.  It turned out that one of the browsing women knew one of the men from the exhibition group – they were neighbours in Salford in the 1950s…

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Salford exhibition

Posted by wcmlibrary on August 19, 2009

We’ve been lucky to get a grant from the Booth Charities to help us put together an exhibition.  The project aims to explore archival material at the Library which relates to Salford.  The aim is to inspire local people to use, interact with and become aware of material on Salford held in the collection. Local artist Lawrence Cassidy has agreed to act as facilitator.  Yesterday Roy dropped in; today was the first time Lawrence invited a group of people in to look at material.  Seven people came – Lawrence has put a lot of effort into encouraging people to come in, so seven feels like a very good start.


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Blogging at the Working Class Movement Library

Posted by wcmlibrary on August 3, 2009

This is our first foray into the world of blogs.

Volunteers and staff members will be letting you know about what’s happening at the Working Class Movement Library – hereafter known as WCML (Working Class Movement Library is just too long to keep typing in full every time).

We won’t be blogging every day – unless we get extra enthusiastic, or find we have too much time on our hands (we wish).

But we do hope that we’ll be giving you a real flavour of what the library is all about.  Of course, we do have a website as well ( which gives you access to loads of information about us and more importantly about our collections.

So basically watch this space for quality not quantity.

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