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Salford exhibition week 5

Posted by wcmlibrary on September 16, 2009

We need to think of a title for this exhibition!

12 visitors.  Brilliant to see Paul come back – a former Agecroft miner who just happened to call by the library last week, to see what we’ve got on the miners’ strike (answer: loads, but – oddly – not much about what happened locally, so his input will be really valuable), and whom I introduced to Lawrence’s group who are building up our exhibition about Salford.  Naturally, it being Salford, it turns out Lawrence knows Paul’s sister…

Anne worked in Mandelberg’s Raincoat Factory in Salford, and found an image of it in the Salford Champion.

Joan and Jacqueline disucssed living in Salford 6. Lawrence brought out the maps the Library has of compulsory purchase in Salford, and the group discussed these in relation to their lived experience.



One Response to “Salford exhibition week 5”

  1. Josie Moore said

    Hi – my mother Frances Gillard worked in Mandelbergs Factory during the 1940’s and I wondered if there were any photos taken of the staff at that time. I was born and bred in Salford and still have strong ties with the city even though I moved away eight years ago I have family and friends there. If anybody could let me know where to look I would be grateful.

    Thank you, Josie

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