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Salford exhibition week 7

Posted by wcmlibrary on October 1, 2009

Notes from yesterday’s meeting of the group interested in helping put together the library’s exhibition about Salford:

Alice agreed to do a presentation next week (Wed 7th Oct, 1.30pm), on her recent book tracing the history of Kersal Moor, Salford, exploring chartist history, until now.  We are currently discussing how this could fit into the final show, or be displayed alongside it, with added material gathered from the library.

Paul, who is researching the miners’ strike and aims to make a commemorative exhibition about Agecroft Pit, Salford, has agreed to do a presentation on Wed 14th Oct, 1.30pm, with an open discussion at the end and a summary of Paul’s experiences during the strike (amazing story, first hand live account).  Brian has found more material on the pit disaster at Clifton Hall Colliery and his relation who rescued people, this will also feature in the final exhibition.

I am discussing with each participant the form of display and content for their particular theme of research.

Roy has unearthed material on his relation who was arrested during the Battle of Bexley Square, but he is researching a book on Salford streets and prefers me to make the collage on this subject. So, some are directly involved in the display, others are researching its content and want me to display it after they have researched it.

John the poet arrived with Gail and I gave them the visual info, catalogues etc that I found that relates to the docks for thier forthcoming Green Bananas drama project.

Lawrence Cassidy


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