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Salford and ‘District Six’

Posted by wcmlibrary on October 28, 2009

Today Lawrence Cassidy gave a talk on his PhD thesis. He has been working on his research for the last 3 years and recently led a seminar in Aberdeen on his research topic. As some may know Lawrence is an artist and his research was based around people’s perceptions of regeneration in East Salford. Linked to his academic research he has put on exhibitions at the Lowry, Salford Lads’ Club and Salford Museum and Art Gallery. He has explored the often un-mentioned history of ordinary working class people, juxtaposing images of ordinary people with industrial settings to re-awaken a sense of the people who made the recent past a reality.

Lawrence showed us images he has collected of Central Salford along with Salford Street signs. He also shared his experiences of visiting the District Six Museum in Cape Town, an area that was literally ‘redeveloped’ out of existence under apartheid laws.

Lawrence showed us images from museums in Berlin and Jerusalem pressing home what a huge phenomenon there is of juxtaposing images of ordinary people with more conventional histories.



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