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Manchester in 1844

Posted by wcmlibrary on February 9, 2010

The town realises in a measure the Utopia of Bentham. Everything is measured in its results by the standard of utility; and if the BEAUTIFUL, the GREAT, and the NOBLE, ever take root in Manchester, they will be developed in accordance with this standard.

From Manchester in 1844: its present condition and future prospects by Leon Faucher


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Nothing changes

Posted by wcmlibrary on February 5, 2010

A note from book cleaning volunteer Marjorie at the Library:

Remembering that you said to pass on anything interesting found while cleaning books I could not help but notice this – especially with the current news in the papers about the latest MPs’ expenses scandal followed by the latest ‘inquiry’:

This is from 1814 – just after the American War of Independence.

‘John Bull’s Mirror or Corruption and Taxation Unmasked’

The motive which produced the present publication is written in the face of a desire to diffuse amongst the people that information which has hitherto been confirmed to the table of the House of Commons, or the closet of the Member of Parliament, in order that the nation may be enabled to form an accurate estimate of the conduct of these to whom the reins of the government have been entrusted

Indeed the permanent welfare and happiness of Great Britain can only be established and secured by an effective reforming of Parliament and by a reduction of our national expenditure’.

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