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Object of the month, July 2010

Posted by wcmlibrary on June 25, 2010

Every month a volunteer will chose an interesting object, book or document from the Library collection, which will be displayed in the hall of the Library.

This month’s object is ballot form for the Police Strike 1919. It is a new accession to the Library. In May 1919, the National Union of Police and Prison Officers (NUPPO) issued a strike ballot calling for recognition of the union, re-instatement of PC Spackman and others and an increase in pay and pensions. The majority voted in favour of strike action, but the strike was postponed indefinitely.

In July 1919 a bill was issued for the Police Act 1919, this established the Police Federation, to represent officers concerns and welfare, but it forbade police from joining unions and made strike action by police illegal. It also outlawed the NUPPO.

The Metropolitan Police called for a strike, but only a small number took part. This may have been because the Government had given the police a generous pay increase in May 1919 as a result of the Desborough report. Half the police in Liverpool went on strike and this resulted in massive riots, looting and several deaths.

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A plethora of political parties

Posted by wcmlibrary on June 24, 2010

Following on from my work on the Communist Party of Great Britain, I have been working on gathering together and cataloguing material from a number of other socialist and communist parties.  So we now have collections of pamphlets and leaflets from the following parties:

  • British Socialist Party
  • Communist Party of Britain
  • Social Democratic Federation
  • Socialist Labour Party (1903-1980)
  • Socialist League (1885-1901)
  • Socialist League (1932-1937)
  • Socialist Party of Great Britain

All of which can be searched for using our online catalogue at

Project Librarian

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