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Musings of a book cleaner

Posted by wcmlibrary on September 24, 2010

From library volunteer Marjorie, who has the perk of reading books as she dusts them for us:

‘Nothing EVER changes!’

Today I came across a book called ‘Mann’s Black Book’ of 1842.

Two subjects – firstly ‘British Aristocracy or an Exposure of the more monstrous abuses in the state and the church – with Blacklists of Pensioners, Royal, Aristocratic, Legal, Civil, Diplomatic, Heredity. Military and Clerical’.

This had a quotation from the Bible – Exodus no less:  ‘and the locusts went up over the land of Egypt and rested in all the coasts – very grievous they were’.

And secondly – ‘How the Money Goes or the Costs and Mischiefs of Misgovernment in Great Britain, Ireland, India and the Colonies’.

I am certain this person (there is no name, sadly) would be right at home – and in agreement with – some of today’s political ‘bloggers’ – so yes, nothing EVER changes!

Yours, a devoted fan of the WCML



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