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Quotable quotes from Ernest Jones

Posted by wcmlibrary on February 15, 2011

These were found in a bound copy of ‘Today’ from October 1884:

Written by Ernest Jones, July 10th 1848 while in the dock of the Old Bailey waiting for sentence.

‘I have stood up in vindication of the right of public meeting – a right  too sacred to be interfered with by the police – a right which I do not think a parliament could suspend.  The right of public meeting must be upheld!’

‘Hold a man answerable for what he says not for what is said by another.  Hold a man answerable for what he does not for what is done by another and let the government take care of their own pickpockets and not make us answerable for them’ – addressed to Lord Turo and published in Jones’s ‘Notes to the People’.

Quotable quotes still relevant today – what a wonderful man he was!

Marjorie, WCML volunteer


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