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Sometimes things happen at the WCML that are so delightful they make my day …

Posted by wcmlibrary on November 6, 2012

Sometimes things happen at the WCML that are so delightful they make my day – and last Thursday one such thing happened.

We had some drop in visitors who had come up from London and were looking roundImage the exhibitions on our ground floor.  One of them (Michael) made his way into the Reading Room, where, as usual, there was a pile of pamphlets waiting for our attention and one of them caught his eye.  It was The Wasted £30,000,000,000 by Frank Allaun. So far so ordinary.

But when he was getting ready to leave he called me into the Reading Room and showed me the inscription inside the pamphlet, which read ‘A small token to a great friendship!’ and was signed Michael (19) – and yes it was the same Michael who had given the pamphlet to Frank Allaun many years before (I’ll spare his blushes by not saying how many) and it had then been donated to us by Frank.

Now what are the chances that not only would we have the pamphlet, but that it would be hanging around in the library on the day Michael visited.

Like I said – how delightful! and thanks to Michael for telling us the story.



2 Responses to “Sometimes things happen at the WCML that are so delightful they make my day …”

  1. michaeljackson215 said

    No blushes Jane – it was 39 years ago. Frank was Chair of Labour Action for Peace and I was young member. He booked rooms at the House of Commons for us to meet, which impressed me. Walter Wolfgang was a regular attender.

  2. Mike Jackson said

    And thank you so much for showing us around the library. What an amazing collection. It is far more than a library, with ceramics, photographs, banners, letters and so on. One item that sticks in my mind is an original photograph of the Chartist rally held in Kennington, London from 1848. Amazing. Thank you, your fellow workers, trustees and volunteers for safeguarding our history. It is priceless!

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