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From AASA Viewpoint to Zip – a journey through one library’s periodical collection

Posted by wcmlibrary on March 8, 2013

Another day, another major project completed! I have just finished my ‘journey’ through our short run periodicals.

As you may know the library gets donations of materials from all sorts of places and people and amongst those donations are a variety of magazines and journals. In general we don’t get a full set, but only a few copies of each title – and these are our short run periodicals.

And I have just finished cataloguing them – all 3000 of them. Prior to this they were tucked away in filing cabinets, with only an incomplete spreadsheet to let us know what we had. Now they are in boxes with relevant subjects or organisations.

One result of this is that we have discovered we have 3 boxes of Anarchist periodicals, and 7 boxes of periodicals about Socialism. We have also added substantially to our collections of Irish and Labour Party periodicals.Cunningham Amendment

I have catalogued items from trade unions, political parties, pressure groups, community groups as well as general political and social issue magazines, most deadly serious, but some are funny, such as The Cunningham Amendment, published by the East Pennine Anarcrisps – but if you want to see how funny it is you’ll have to come and visit us – or search our catalogue at to find out more (and yes, it is held together with elastic bands and lolly sticks).



One Response to “From AASA Viewpoint to Zip – a journey through one library’s periodical collection”

  1. Thanks jane that is a mighty piece of work ! It will be a major addition to our catalogue and will iam sure bring in new readers. Please have an extra biscuit with your morning coffee..

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