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A lovely donation of lovely union membership cards

Posted by wcmlibrary on March 20, 2013

Yesterday we received a parcel of union membership cards for a Mr Leonard Roe who joined the London Society of Compositors in August 1912, and left the National Graphical Association in 1969 presumably on his retirement.

There are cards for 1912-1955 for the London Society of Compositors, cards for 1956-1966 for the London Typographical Society and cards for 1967-1969 for the National Graphical Association – 57 years worth in all.

As you would expect from a typographical/graphical trade union the cards are quite distinctive, although the National Graphical Association cards are a bit plain – as you can see below.

We particularly liked the art deco ones from the 1930s.

A big thank you goes to Michael Wood who donated the cards to us.

Leonard Roe membership card 1912Leonard Roe membership card 1934Leonard Roe membership card 1969

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