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A fascinating record of a playwright’s working life arrives at the Library

Posted by wcmlibrary on June 21, 2013

Two exciting boxes of donations arrived here yesterday – an archive of leaflets, posters but above all many, many playscripts from Mike Harris.  Mike has written over 100 scripts for radio, stage and TV, including soaps and serials, adaptations, one-off dramas, theatre in education, youth and children’s theatre and large-scale community plays.

MikeHarrisThe scripts include:

 Sisters (1980), about the suffragettes
 Dropping One (1982), about nuclear war
 Up the Hill (1985), about 100 years of north Manchester immigration
The Peterloo Massacre (1994), a large-scale community play
 The Battle of Bexley Square (1995), written for WCML founders Eddie and Ruth Frow and performed once in Lark Hill Place, the Victorian street in Salford Museum
 Spin (1999), a community play about cotton and immigration in Oldham
 From One Extreme to the Other (2007), about violent Islamic extremism and the far right white.

There are more details about Mike’s radio plays at, and there’s a bit more about his take on writing at

We’re really grateful to Mike for entrusting us with the record of his working life, and we’re looking forward to people coming in to look at the scripts.  The amazing range of topics the plays cover encompasses our entire collection development policy!

Not only that but the scripts arrived in chronological order and with an index describing the genesis and content of each play.  The sort of thing librarians can usually only dream of! Cheers, Mike.


One Response to “A fascinating record of a playwright’s working life arrives at the Library”

  1. Mike Harris said

    Sorry it took ten years and a house move for me to get around to taking up Alan on his suggestion. I feel privileged to have my stuff lodged with you (and lest this all sound a bit valedictory, I feel the need to add that I haven’t stopped writing yet). Many thanks WCML.for having me.

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