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Tailored Trades: clothes, labour and professional communities

Posted by wcmlibrary on July 16, 2013

Items from the collection at the Working Class Movement Library feature in a virtual exhibition that has been launched at  A notebook (c.1907)  kept by a tailor, containing various patterns and plans for garments, features in the ‘Sweated Industries’ exhibition.

Tailor's Notebook pages









A National Union of Tailors and Garment Workers (NUTGW) pamphlet, produced in 1947, features in the exhibition on ‘Professional Identity and the Textile Trade’. This pamphlet discusses the Tailors’ Union from 1885-1909 looking back at the “nationwide agitation” on sweated trades following the Daily Mail exhibition in 1906.

Tale of the Tailor's Union












The online exhibition was developed by researchers at the Universities of Exeter and Northumbria. Their Research Network Clothes, Labour and Professional Communities 1880-1939 focuses on topics such as hand versus mass-production of clothing; the Arts and Crafts movement; the Dress Reform Movement; work in the textile industry; and the place of women in the new workforce.

Nicole Robertson, Senior Lecturer in History, University of Northumbria


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