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News of some lovely recent donations – there’s always something new to exclaim about at the Library!

Posted by wcmlibrary on September 9, 2013

Some fantastic donations of books and booklets to the Library in the past week.

* From Elisabeth Morris, daughter of the late Alderman Wright Robinson, items from amongst his papers relating to public health in Manchester.  One is ‘The human side of slum clearance’, written in 1935 by three social workers relating to rehousing in Hulme.  Although it is a formal ‘independent enquiry’ it is written in a style that’s a far cry from the official-ese in which such documents are often presented today:

‘The children like it. They are naughtier, we were told, they run wild, and they climb trees. The only thing that seems surprising is that in the short space of a few months they can recover from the constrictions of the crowded streets and learn to climb trees’.

‘One old lady said that she had not expected to live amongst green trees until she was taken in the Southern Cemetery and that she would not go back if she was offered the Town Hall clock’.

* And from Roger Smalley, who attended the Ethel Carnie Holdsworth workshop here on Saturday, a fantastic bag full of books by Ethel which are new to us – including a first edition of Miss Nobody, widely believed to be one of the first novels published by a British woman of working class background, and the centenary of the publication of which was the starting point for the event.  Also the catalogue of the Great Harwood Co-operative Society Library – lovely enough as it is, but this was actually Ethel’s copy.


See for Elinor Taylor’s write-up of the celebration.

And thanks to Elisabeth and Roger for their generous gifts.


One Response to “News of some lovely recent donations – there’s always something new to exclaim about at the Library!”

  1. Chris Lynch said

    I gave Roger the 1919 catalogue to pass on to the WCML. Just want to point out that it wasn’t Ethel’s.

    I plan to donate my copy of “The Quest of the Golden Garter” to your library as well.


    Thanks Chris – somehow the story seems to have got garbled, just as well to set the record straight early on. Many thanks for the catalogue, it’s a great item to have even without the link to Ethel!

    Regards, Lynette Cawthra, Library manager

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