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Benny Rothman and the Police Officer – the story of an iconic photograph

Posted by wcmlibrary on December 4, 2013

An account of the meeting at the 50th anniversary of the trespass in 1982 between Benny Rothman and myself, Peter Jackson, former Police Sergeant in charge of New Mills Police Station where the arrested trespassers were first taken.

Being a keen hill walker and part time National Park Ranger I was always interested in the history of the ‘Peak’ and the fight for access to the moors and had already met Benny at his lectures and on his visits to the area.

Benny Rothman and Peter Jackson

Benny Rothman and Peter Jackson

At the 50th anniversary I was chatting to Benny when someone took the picture in question.  I had mentioned at some time that my father, Harvey Jackson who had lived in Stalybridge as a teenager, had been involved in a violent confrontation with so called ‘keepers’ around the time of the trespass.  My father by now was living in retirement in Scotland but happened to be visiting us in Glossop when the 60th anniversary was due, whilst discussing this he informed me that he was present at that time and his incident was on that day.  He came with me to the 60th and met Benny and the others.  Benny and myself became good friends and exchanged information.  I only saw the photo and myself for the first time at the last celebration at New Mills Town Hall when I met staff from the Salford Working Class Movement Library.

Because of the efforts of the trespassers we are all able to enjoy the freedom of the moorlands.

Peter Jackson, Glossop

The library holds a collection of Benny Rothman’s papers, amongst which is this iconic photograph.  If you would like to look at the papers please let us know.

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