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Co-operative collection

Posted by wcmlibrary on September 12, 2011

I have recently finished cataloguing our collection of co-operative movement pamphlets – all 31 boxes of it!

It had allManchester and Salford Co-operative Society plate been boxed up as a single subject, but I have divided it up into what I hope are more useful sections, i.e. Co-operative Union, Co-operative Party, Co-operative Societies (including the Co-operative Wholesale Society and Co-operative Retail Services) and a section for the Co-operative movement in general.

The pamphlets compliment our collection of books and periodicals, most of which were collected by Ruth and Eddie Frow over the years. They also compliment our collection of co-operative ceramic objects, such as the one on the right, which is a commemorative plate from the Manchester and Salford Equitable Co-operative Society.

If you are interested in our co-operative movement collection go to our online catalogue at

Now all I have to do is catalogue the back log of stuff that has built up whilst I have been engrossed in the Co-op.


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