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Thoughts from a new volunteer

Posted by wcmlibrary on August 25, 2011

I have volunteered here at the Working Class Movement Library for Tuesday and Wednesday of this week and last week. During my time here I have come across some interesting things and have learnt a lot.

Kay BeauchampWhile alphabetising some donated newspapers I came across an article about the birth of FC United of Manchester in an issue of Class War from 2006. It was pure luck that I spotted it as I just saw the club’s badge on the back of the newspaper as I turned it over. If any of the other volunteers had been doing that job they would not have spotted it; and they would not have thought it had any significance even if they had found it.

On my first day of volunteering here it was the anniversary of Peterloo so I learnt all about that over the course of the day, and was shown a lot of material that the Library has about Peterloo.

While typing up extracts from the tour guide I learnt more about the artefacts that line the walls of the library. I learnt the origin of some of the pieces and the stories behind them.

Today I was alphabetising cards sent to Kay Beauchamp for her birthday in 1933 when she was in Holloway Prison and I wanted to know more of the story. I found that she’d been sent to prison for refusing to pay a fine imposed on the Daily Worker for attacking the arrest of Sid Elias of the National Unemployed Workers’ Movement. After sorting through all the postcards I went down to the archives and found the copy of the Daily Worker from 1933, a few days before Kay Beauchamp’s birthday, with a picture inside asking people to send her cards.

I have really enjoyed my time here at the Working Class Movement Library and am very glad that I was able to do my work experience here. The people here are very friendly and any work that has to be done is always very interesting.

Bethany Keys

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Nice mention of the Library in today’s Guardian

Posted by wcmlibrary on October 21, 2009

Guardian Society p2 today features the Library’s Outcasts display banner. This tells the story of the Manchester United players of 1909 who refused to give up their union membership. The banner has been produced in conjunction with local community football club FC United of Manchester. It is available for loan to local groups – ring us on 0161 736 3601 to find out more.

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